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North London Car Sounds
Established 1979

Thatcham Category 5 Tracking devices

We can supply and fit either a Thatcham category 5 tracking system or a standard tracking system to any   type of car or light commercial vehicle



Thatcham category 5 tracking devices can only be installed and activated by VSIB accredited installers

North London Car Sounds have been a VSIB accredited company since 1995 and we were one of the first to be fully security screened to BS Standards and approved to fit the new Thatcham Category 5 devices

For security reasons, we will not show photographs or illustrations of the product

New CobraTrak 5 combats Key Theft

The CobraTrak 5 system is supplied with automatic driver recognition (or "ADR") cards. The ADR card is a small plastic transponder card that must be kept separately from your vehicle keys (this card must be carried by the person who wants to drive the vehicle). On approaching the vehicle, this ADR card automatically informs the CobraTrak system to disarm. On leaving the vehicle, the card's distance from the CobraTrak system arms the system again. With key theft increasingly commonplace, the ADR card is protection against this means of vehicle theft.

CobraTrak 5 has also been developed to include the option of 'Remote Operation' (RO) which means that if your vehicle is stolen, it may be remotely instructed (by the 24 hour control room staff in conjunction with the relevant police authority) to immobilise the vehicle once it becomes stationary. This is an additional feature to minimise any damage to the vehicle, to deter thieves and protect other members of the public from such things as high speed chases.


  • If you are based within our extensive area of coverage, then we will carry out the installation at your home or place of work.

We are happy to quote you 663.00 for the full installation of the product and 215.00 annual subscription. or 663.00 and 580.50 for a three year subscription. These prices are fully fitted and include VAT @ 20%.


For full details of installation  please contact us


This website was primarily designed to help with the service and repair of Piranha car alarm products. However, since 1993 North London Car Sounds have been a Cobra Vehicle Security appointed dealer. During the next few months we shall expand our web site to include all products that we use.

Terms and conditions apply to subscriptions.

V.S.I.B Accredited Installers