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North London Car Sounds
Established 1979

 Tracking Systems for Land Rover cars

Here are the facts

  • We can supply and fit either a Thatcham category 5 tracking system or a standard tracking system to any age and any type of car. (Land Rover will tell you that only their system is approved!)

  • If your Land Rover car was registered in the UK before 2005, then your Land Rover dealer cannot fit a Land Rover Watch Thatcham cat 5 system.

  • The Cobra Trak5 system has a very small ADR card (a small transmitter) that will fit into a wallet, purse or pocket and is kept separate from your keys. (Click here for full description)

  • Cobra Trak5 systems are approved by Thatcham for fitment on all cars and Light commercial vehicles (Land Rover will tell you that only their system is approved!)

  • Have you tried to phone your Land Rover dealer to enquire about a system? It is nearly impossible to find anyone who knows anything about tracking. One call to us CONTACT  and we will help you with any information you require.

  • Checked the price ! Land Rover will quote you 1400.00 which includes three years subscription.

  • We are happy to quote you 663.00 for the full installation of the product and 215.00 annual subscription. or 663.00 and 580.50 for three years subscription. These prices are fully fitted and include VAT @ 20%.

  • If you are based within our extensive area of coverage, then we will carry out the installation at your home or place of work.

  • Any questions? Please feel free to give us a call. All our details can be found by clicking here CONTACT


Thatcham category 5 tracking devices can only be installed and activated by VSIB accredited installers. Any person who handles customer data MUST have been security screened to BS Standards.

North London Car Sounds have been a VSIB accredited company since 1995 and we were one of the first to be fully security screened to BS Standards and approved to fit the new Thatcham Category 5 devices.


This website was primarily designed to help with the service and repair of Piranha car alarm products. However, since 1993 North London Car Sounds have been a Cobra Vehicle Security appointed dealer. During the next few months we shall expand our web site to include all products that we use.


V.S.I.B Accredited Installers